Custom Pools

Lake Havasu Custom Pool Builders

Whether you’re a homeowner or business, we can help. The dream of having a pool is perhaps only surpassed by the dream of owning a home. If you’re a homeowner and are ready for a custom pool in Lake Havasu City we’re ready to make it a reality. Aside from having a cool place to relax during the hot Arizona summers, a custom pool adds value to your home.

We’ve designed and constructed hundreds of pools for the past 15 years. A custom pool or poolscape is a major investment that you want to get right the first time. The process starts with the right design. If you’re not sure if you want something practical and simple, or a beautiful multi-dimensional poolscape, we can help you understand the process and what will work within your budget. If you if you can imagine it, we can build it. If you can’t imagine it, we’ll help you find your vision, then build it.

Inground Shotcrete Custom Pools

We use shotcrete to build our custom pools. Shotcrete is low-moisture concrete, which makes it much stronger than other types of concrete pools. The increased strength makes your new swimming pool more resistant to shrinkage, cracking, freezing, thawing, permeability, and normal wear and tear. You’ll spend less money on repairs and maintenance with a durable shotcrete custom pool.

Custom Pool Design

Every custom pool is different, and that’s what make them great. There are endless possibilities for designing a pool. It’s great to have a lot of room for creativity, but it can also be overwhelming and difficult. There is a process to determine what type of designs will with your space and property and we walk you through the entire process and help you understand your options and what we think your best options are.

  • Some important questions to answer to help guide your custom pool design:
  • Who will be using the pool?
  • Is it primarily for relaxation or will you be using it for exercise as well?
  • Will children use the pool, or will it be mainly for adults?
  • What is your budget?

Custom Pool Construction

After you’ve chosen a design the construction process begins. We’ll carefully excavate the area and layout the framing. Once framing is complete, steel reinforcing rods will be shaped to act as a Skelton for your new pool’s structure. We’ll install all of the plumbing at this point as well. Once the shotcrete has cured, we’ll begin installing waterline tiles, porcelain, and mosaic glass. Finally, we hand finish the pool’s aggregate plaster interior finish.

Custom Pool Coping, Pool Decks, and Patios

Using the latest in brick, natural flagstone, granite, travertine and more, our team will work with you to blend elements that compliment your home and create stunning accents to your pool.

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